Ted Yao

Deer Park, 40 St Clair Ave East

Ward 22 St. Paul's
Councillor Josh Matlow

8 x 10, mixed media

Deer Park, 40 St Clair Ave East

This is the 44th and last of the library pictures. Deer Park is close to the Toronto Archives, also in Ward 22.

I decided to create a children’s story to spark a conversation about the Toronto of 1952 and today. I hope along the way, children may ask:

Why do we have the Queen on our money?

Why are the women wearing white gloves and hats? Why is the boy wearing a buckskin-inspired outfit? (Bonus points for discussion about ethno-cultural stereotypes in clothing.)

What is the name of that flag? What is the flag of Canada today and how did it get to be the flag?

Why are Toronto street cars bright red?

Why is the boy holding a carrot? (Answer: My wife’s younger brother asked for a gun for Christmas and his parents refused, so he made a carrot into a gun.)